We design high-impact experiences for massive audiences

We build bridges between audiences and brands through communities to empower the adoption of innovative technologies and value transfer.

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Transforming unknown fans into promoters

The planning of a concert, festival, or sporting event begins long before its date. It starts with small interactions that convey the values and the "why" to engage our audiences. The goal is to transform these unknown fans into loyal fans, into promoters of the event.

Every experience is thrilling: Building connections at every event

Every event evokes emotions and a sense of belonging. It doesn't matter what type of event we're talking about. All events generate these kinds of feelings. The adrenaline of being there, of being part of it, and being able to share with the star we admire gives us the opportunity to build a unique experience.

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People will never forget how we made them feel.

Events are characterized by having activations and interactive spaces at the event venue. At Amedia, we understand the experience from the moment a person learns about the event.

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Building lasting connections: Experiences that transcend the event

In our approach to experience design, we create connections with audiences that endure year after year, generating interactions throughout the entire year. Our goal is to show people that the event evolves, that the results are due to everyone, and together we build unforgettable moments in each experience, even if the event only happens once a year.

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Environmental, social, and economic impact in our Projects

In our projects, we strive to integrate results that encompass the environmental, social, and economic impact in all aspects we build. Through digital and physical activations, we promote key points in each of these dimensions to enhance experiences, obtaining real-time data on their development and outcomes.

We focus on the following points:

  • space rocket Environmental impact
      -Reduction of energy consumption and implementation of renewable energy sources
      -Waste separation, reduction, and treatment
      - Use of sustainable products
  • bar chart Social impact
      -Safety protocols and protection of victims of harassment
      -Social commitment to diversity and inclusion topics for events
  • syblings connections Economic impact
      -Streamlining processes for sustainable revenue generation
      -Visibility of brands on sustainability topics within and outside the event

How do we achieve unforgettable experiences?

By creating and designing projects for all stakeholders, including artists and their teams, brands, staff, and suppliers, as well as the audience. We adapt personalized strategies based on the infrastructure conditions and target audience of each event, using various solutions to achieve the established goals alongside our clients.

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Awareness and playful experiences for all audiences at events

Discover how we easily provide awareness and training on key sustainability topics to all types of audiences in just a few minutes. Additionally, enjoy playful experiences before, during, and after the event that will engage you on the path towards sustainability.

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At Amedia, we have Sidepro v4.7, our platform that enables communication, training, and customized functionality development for each organization. We can integrate systems to enhance the user experience.

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Training content

We challenge ourselves to produce content quickly, effectively, and with measurable results. At Amedia, we produce over 600 minutes of content per week, along with disruptive experiences that facilitate knowledge transfer.

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User acquisition

While having a versatile software and disruptive content is essential, without a proper marketing plan, we cannot guarantee participation from people. That's why we develop communication plans that aim to understand our target audiences, ensuring high levels of engagement.

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Data strategy

We can have software capable of doing everything and disruptive content, but without a proper marketing plan, we cannot guarantee people's participation. That's why we develop communication plans that aim to understand our audiences, ensuring high levels of engagement.

Do you want to learn more about what we do and how we do it?

Our solutions are built on technology, integrating physical and digital worlds to reach and engage audiences that challenge us to constantly improve.

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