Certify your sales channels

We specialize in certifying sales channels through integrated learning projects. Our approach is based on providing the necessary tools and knowledge to enhance the sales teams' skills, ensuring their success and optimal performance.

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Selling more and with higher quality

At Amedia, we have specialized teams for large-scale sales channel certification. We integrate our methodology to achieve sales channel certification by digitizing and automating processes such as:

  • definicion Definition of certification criteria.
  • bar chart Evaluation processes.
  • syblings connections Action plan to address deficiencies and ensure compliance with requirements.
  • XMLID 858 Sharing and validating knowledge.
  • equalizer settings horizontal Documentation of the process.
  • monitoreo Continuous monitoring.

By certifying channels, we have achieved sales improvements ranging from 23.3% to 87.4% within the same year, working collaboratively with our clients.

Strategic pillars for developing a channel certification project

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At Amedia, we have Sidepro v4.7, our platform that enables communication, training, and customized functionality development for each organization. It allows for the integration of systems to enhance the user experience.

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Training content

We are committed to producing content quickly, effectively, and measurably. At Amedia, we produce over 600 minutes of content per week, along with disruptive experiences that accelerate knowledge transfer.

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User acquisition

Having a versatile software and disruptive content is important, but without an appropriate marketing plan, we cannot guarantee participation from individuals. That's why we develop communication plans that focus on understanding the target audience to achieve high levels of engagement.

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Data strategy

Everything is measurable, everything is analyzable, and everything helps us evolve. We strive to continuously listen to our channels in order to understand them, improve, and grow the project in terms of results. Our purpose is to certify to sell more and with higher quality.

Boost the efficiency of your sales force through highly effective training

According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group, companies that invest in sales force training experience an impressive 17% increase in sales representative productivity. At Amedia, we design specific plans to enhance the skills and knowledge of your sales team. With tailored content, interactive tools, and proven pedagogical approaches, we ensure that your sales representatives acquire the necessary skills to succeed in a competitive business environment.

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The 5 characteristics of our clients:

Project scalability
Organizations with massive user bases.
Designation of owner
Amedia will share knowledge and expertise and provide a dedicated management team for the project.
Collaboration in defining the parameters
We analyze the feasibility and scope with the client and define an action plan to enhance the integration with sales results.
Interacción constante
Understanding the channels and access to the information structure to tailor the software to the client's reality.
Evolutionary innovation
Innovative spirit, willingness to challenge the existing in order to achieve an evolving knowledge base.

Our goal is to collaborate closely with our clients as a team

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