Comprehensive Certification in Various Industries' Production

Discover how Amedia provides comprehensive certification for production operations in multiple industry sectors. Our approach ensures excellence and quality at every stage of the process, providing confidence and outstanding results to our clients.

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Ensuring security, efficiency, and effectiveness.

At Amedia, we have specialized teams in the certification of large-scale production operations. We integrate our methodology to achieve plant certification by digitizing and automating processes such as:

  • space rocket Compliance with applicable industry and country regulations
  • equalizer settings horizontal Evaluation processes
  • phone Action plan to address deficiencies and ensure compliance with requirements.
  • syblings connections Sharing and validating knowledge
  • bar chart Process documentation
  • Icon=line chart Continuous monitoring

Strategic axes to develop a channel certification project

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At Amedia, we have Sidepro v4.7, our platform that enables communication, training, and customized feature development for each organization. We can integrate systems to enhance the user experience.

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Training content

We challenge ourselves to produce content quickly, effectively, and with measurable results. At Amedia, we produce over 600 minutes of content per week, including disruptive experiences that facilitate knowledge transfer.

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User acquisition

We can have a software capable of everything and disruptive content, but without an appropriate marketing plan, we cannot guarantee that people will participate. That's why we develop communication plans, understanding the target audiences, to achieve high levels of participation.

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Data strategy

We can have a software capable of everything, disruptive content, but without an appropriate marketing plan, we cannot guarantee people's participation. That's why we develop communication plans, understanding the audiences, to achieve high levels of engagement.

By certifying operations in different industries, we have achieved a knowledge improvement of 42.7% in less than 4 months together with our clients

The 5 characteristics of our clients are:

  • arrow up Project scalability: Organizations with massive user bases.
  • user profile Designation of owner: Amedia will share knowledge and expertise and provide a dedicated management team for the project.
  • line chart Collaboration in defining: We analyze the feasibility and scope with the client to define an action plan that enhances the project.
  • play Constant interaction: We have knowledge of the channels and access to the structure of the information to adapt the software to the client's reality.
  • view grid Evolutionary Innovation: A spirit of innovation and a willingness to challenge the status quo in order to achieve an evolving knowledge base.
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Customized content with continuous improvements

We work together on research, planning, product development, and implementation to achieve real impact. We continuously improve through active listening to users. We create community and personalized content for your platform in any language.

Solutions tailored to your employees

If you're looking for a solution that involves your employees but can't find a program that fits your structure, stop searching. We can create customized content focused on the needs of your employees. We have a team of experts who can assist you in creating specific content.

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A value-filled learning experience

We have trained over 12 million users worldwide. Let's see what one of them has to say:

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    "Amedia has transformed training for our employees..."

    Nabile Ramírez - People Manager at AB InBev

    "Amedia has transformed training for our employees, ensuring higher levels of retention and learning. The platform's analytics have allowed us to make better decisions. Amedia is more than just a training platform, it has become our employees' preferred official communication channel."

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