We empower the adoption of innovative technologies through learning communities.

Many companies develop user-centered technological solutions. However, it is common for them to overlook the use of these solutions to drive engagement. It is essential to foster adoption and ongoing participation.


Thinking that people will use a new technology just because they receive an email from HR is a utopia.

Our projects encompass the integration of 4 necessary pillars to implement any software in a corporation that allows for constant evolution:


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At Amedia, we have Sidepro v4.7, our platform that allows organizations to communicate, train, and develop customized functionalities. We can integrate systems to enhance the user experience.

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Training content

We challenge ourselves to produce content quickly, effectively, and with measurable results. At Amedia, we produce over 600 minutes of content per week, as well as disruptive experiences that accelerate knowledge transfer.

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User acquisition

We can provide you with a software capable of everything, disruptive content, but without a proper marketing plan, we cannot guarantee that people will participate. That's why we develop communication plans, understanding the audiences, to achieve high levels of engagement.

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Data strategy

Everything is measurable, everything is analyzable, and everything helps us evolve. We seek to constantly listen to the channels in order to understand them, improve, and grow the project in terms of results. Our purpose is to certify in order to sell more and with higher quality.

Integration and Results: Custom Learning Projects

At Amedia, we take care of integrating all the parts to provide a comprehensive approach. Our goal is to develop learning projects that allow measuring the return on investment and generating improvement opportunities, creating impactful experiences for the end customer.

We constantly measure and share results so that top management can make intelligent decisions in less time, even anticipating different scenarios.

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Motivating Participation and Technological Adoption: Awareness and Knowledge Bases

We are experts in generating high levels of participation by creating awareness and building solid knowledge bases. In addition to our learning and communication platform, we have the versatility to adapt the implementation according to the content, internal marketing plans, and specific data of the software that will be installed for each client. Recognizing that the success of implementing new technology depends on a solid marketing plan, content, and data, we have developed a proven methodology used by over 15 million users worldwide.

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Driving the Adoption of Innovative Technologies with Audiences

At our company, we are committed to working hand in hand with audiences to ensure the adoption of innovative technologies. We listen, understand, and act together to ensure that we achieve our goals and provide effective and high-quality solutions.

Enhance Productivity through interactive and personalized training

In a study conducted by Training Industry, it was found that the use of these technologies provides an interactive and personalized learning experience. With our innovative approach, your employees will be able to acquire knowledge more effectively and directly apply it to their daily work. Whether through microlearning solutions, minigames, podcasts, or others, our training plans are tailored to the needs and schedules of your team.

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A value-filled learning experience.

We have trained over 12 million users worldwide. Let's see what one of them has to say:

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    "Amedia has transformed training for our employees"

    Nabile Ramírez - People Manager at AB InBev

    "Amedia has transformed training for our employees, ensuring higher levels of retention and learning. The platform's analytics have allowed us to make better decisions. Amedia is more than just a training platform, it has become the preferred official communication channel for our employees."

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