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Change the game with an organized system that allows them to manage their learning process, deciding when and how to take in content. Our digital ecosystem is easy to set up and use. All they have to do is log in and start learning.

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Want to train your employees but don't know where to start?

Your company wants to be the best in its field and has embarked on a growth challenge.
Your upper management is highly-qualified and skilled, but the rest of your employees lack the knowledge and confidence to answer client questions correctly.
You want to change this, but training getaways and workshops are expensive and take up valuable working days.

Have you heard of online learning management systems? These are digital ecosystems where employees can learn at their own pace, and you can track their progress. Build a community in your company that can rely on a platform that adapts to multiple realities with disruptive communication channels.


5 reasons why training is the right path to boosting performance


  • users group Helps you show employees that you value education and want to invest in their development opportunities.
  • speedometer guage Learning experiences help employees solve problems and make decisions faster.
  • graduation cap Information makes employees feel secure and motivates them to achieve their goals.
  • hourglass Non-trained employees spend on average 2.5 hours a day searching for information.
  • line chart-1 Companies that invested in having a learning culture reached 682% revenue growth.

Why are traditional learning platforms not good enough?

Make it simple for your employees to learn. Concentrate all of the learning materials your company requires to meet set goals on one easy-to-use digital ecosystem.

You can track individual progress towards goals, onboard new employees, and identify skill gaps.

At Amedia, we design learning experiences for different types of audiences. Benefit from:

  • space rocket Scalability: programs available with no user limits.
  • equalizer settings horizontal Customizable: you can add special courses that adapt to your company.
  • phone Web and App access: you can login whenever, wherever.
  • syblings connections Segmentation: admits unlimited roles to take full advantage of the platform.
  • bar chart Reporting: you can supervise progress and get performance insights in real time.

Learning experiences tailored to each type of user

Lack of training leads to high levels of job rotation, dissatisfied customers, and stagnant sales levels.

Our digital ecosystem is based on audience analysis; Focus groups, interviews, and surveys are used to better understand employee behavior and custom the platform to their concerns and past setbacks.

Based on our findings, we develop user profiles to help us design course structures. Our priority is to create interactive learning experiences that are both efficient and enjoyable through:

  • chat message Creation of new efficient communication channels, with support available within 24hs.
  • light bulb-1 Pop-up reminders to participate coordinated with the login times of the user.
  • play games console Gamification to reward user progress and create a dynamic learning experience.
  • video camera Engaging variety of materials: audio and video files, content files, presentations and quizzes.
  • plus add Can support unlimited users for each organization with efficient response times.

Reach +72% participation levels

Average training courses cost a wild 3 months' salary per employee. However, organizations with around 1000 employees reach a meager participation rate of 31.7% in mandatory and optional training.

Each user can benefit from a variety of learning activities with Amedia thanks to an intuitive catalogue segmented by topics, areas, and duration. The learning pathways direct users to fully utilize the material in a user-friendly and engaging manner.

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A learning experience full of value

We trained over 12 million users worldwide. See what one of them has to say:

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    "Amedia has transformed training for our employees..."

    Nabile Ramírez - People Manager at AB InBev

    "Amedia has transformed training for our employees, ensuring higher retention and learning levels. The platform's analytics has allowed us to make better decisions. Amedia is more than just a training platform; it has become our employees' official communication channel of choice."

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Why do you need Amedia's learning strategies?

Anticipate communication opportunities, spark debates, and boost knowledge transfer while saving and minimizing costs. We can create custom content centered on your needs. We have a team of pedagogy experts that can assist you in the creation of specific content.

  • arrow up Is your company growing? Each program allows for unlimited users, so everyone can gain access to the material without affecting past parameters.
  • user profile Ensure a centralized, consistent learning program delivering top quality to every single employee.
  • line chart Easily follow up on progress, goals, and ROI.
  • play Make meeting compliance simple with a platform that keeps its metrics updated.
  • view grid Benefit from a personalized and exclusive learning app for iOS or Android.

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