Your team will beg for additional trainings

You have tried everything to keep your employees engaged in their training. Yet, they still show no interest or commitment. What should you do next? It's time you got your money's worth.


Is your HR team struggling with talent development and begging people to train?

Achieve a learning culture that fosters growth through high impact business skills. Build a community in your company that can rely on a platform that adapts to multiple realities with disruptive communication channels.


You need more than just an LMS

Make it simple for your employees to learn. Concentrate all of the learning materials your company requires to meet set goals on one easy-to-use platform.

You can track individual progress towards goals, onboard new employees, and identify skill gaps.

At Amedia, we design learning experiences for different types of audiences. Benefit from:

  • space rocket Scalability: programs available with no user limits.
  • equalizer settings horizontal Customizable: you can add special courses that adapt to your company.
  • phone Web and App access: you can login whenever, wherever.
  • syblings connections Segmentation: admits unlimited roles to take full advantage of the platform.
  • bar chart Reporting: you can supervise progress and get performance insights in real time.

Why do employees like Amedia's trainings?

Low engagement leads to high levels of job rotation, dissatisfied customers, and stagnant sales levels.

Our digital ecosystem is based on audience analysis; Focus groups, interviews, and surveys are used to better understand employee behavior and tailor the platform to their concerns and past setbacks.


Based on our findings, we develop user profiles to help us design course structures. Our priority is to create interactive learning experiences that are both efficient and enjoyable through:

Based on our findings, we develop user profiles to help us design course structures.

Our priority is to create interactive learning experiences that are both efficient and enjoyable through:


Creation of new efficient communication channels, with support available within 24hs.


Pop up reminders and invitations to participate coordinated with the log in times of the user.


Gamification techniques to reward users on their progress and make their learning experience more dynamic.

Boost employee participation by +72%

Average training courses cost a wild 3 months' salary per employee. However, organizations with around 1000 employees reach a meager participation rate of 31.7% in mandatory and optional training.

Each user can benefit from a variety of learning activities with Amedia thanks to an intuitive catalogue segmented by topics, areas, and duration. The learning pathways direct users to fully utilize the material in a user-friendly and engaging manner.

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Why do Amedia's learning experiences work?

Employee training courses are designed by digital pedagogy experts centered on the user. Anticipate communication opportunities, spark debates, and boost knowledge transfer while saving and minimizing costs. No need to rent out a space or hire keynote speakers.

  • arrow up Is your company growing? Each program allows for unlimited users, so everyone can gain access to the material without affecting past parameters.
  • user profile Ensure a centralized, consistent learning program delivering top quality to every single employee.
  • line chart Easily follow up on progress, goals, and ROI.
  • play Make meeting compliance simple with a platform that keeps its metrics updated.
  • view grid Benefit from a personalized and exclusive learning app for iOS or Android.

A learning experience full of value

We trained over 12 million users worldwide. See what one of them has to say:

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    "Amedia has transformed training for our employees..."

    Nabile Ramírez - People Manager at AB InBev

    "Amedia has transformed training for our employees, ensuring higher retention and learning levels. The platform's analytics has allowed us to make better decisions. Amedia is more than just a training platform; it has become our employees' official communication channel of choice."

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Better skills. Better results. More referrals.

Employees with increased autonomy, ownership, and self-management over training. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients' expectations exceeded. Let us share with you these results:

Major telecommunications company: They measured the effectiveness of Amedia's training after some years of use, and came up with astounding results; those who had received training successfully closed 84.7% more deals than those who had not received training.

Multinational drinks conglomerate: They achieved a 42.72% improvement in their knowledge levels compared to their results in the initial assessment test. Plus, more than 800 users became active learners, rating the digital ecosystem at a stunning 4.8 out of 5 stars!

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Custom contents with continuous improvements

You will work with us during research, planning, development, implementation, and evolution of the product to achieve the best results and generate real impact. Continuous improvement is built on active listening of user feedback transformed into solutions. We seek to build community, which is the hardest thing for companies to do.

Not only will you be able to manage content, but we can also custom create it according to your needs. Your information is converted into pedagogical scripts that are then transposed to the platform in any language and content type.

Learning tailored to your employees

If you are searching for a solution that engages your employees but can't find a program that adapts to your structure, stop searching. We can create custom content for you centered on your employees' needs. We have a team of expert creators that can assist you in the creation of specific content.

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