Content lab

At Amedia, we understand the value of personalization and have assembled a team of experts to assist you in the creation of custom content.

We produce content based on our digital pedagogical methodology, validated by more than 12 million users worldwide, aimed at training and raising awareness about inclusion and diversity.

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Create custom content

Ensure maximum relevance by analyzing your audience. Identifying learning setbacks and areas of improvement will allow the training to generate real impact.

Get personalized professional help throughout the stages of research, planning, development, implementation, and evolution to create a learning path that is tailored to your needs. The result will be an organizational training solution that aligns with your company's goals.


Content catalog

Specialist consultants conduct interviews with your company and analyze current employee data to better understand their context and set personal goals that can be tracked over time. We create programs on a variety of topics in collaboration with subject matter experts in each sector.

You will gain access to a wide range of engaging materials, including audio and video files, content files, presentations, and quizzes, all hosted on an ecosystem that allows employees to stay connected while also engaging with curated content whenever they want.